Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#SpiritOfSummer with Rekorderlig

spirit of summer rekorderlig, beauty blogger, yellow beauty products
rekorderlig cider, mango-raspberry rekorderlig cider

If you've never heard of Swedish premium drinks brand, Rekorderlig Cider, then all you need to know is that they make delicious ciders. I prefer my alcoholic beverages to be as fruity as possible so Rekorderlig is a firm favourite when I'm on a night out! They have four new Summer flavours available which are Apple-Guava, Strawberry-Lime, Passionfruit, and Mango-Raspberry - have you tried any of them yet? I've been seeing them pop up all over on social media lately, so when they got in touch to tell me about their latest campaign, Spirit Of Summer, I wanted to find out more of what's in store! 

The Swedes celebrate Summer by kicking back and enjoying long days overlooking tranquil lakes and beautiful scenic views (someone take me to Sweden asap!!) followed by an evening of barbecue and eating delicious food with friends and family. Taking inspiration from them, this is exactly what I did at the weekend. With this in mind, Rekorderlig Cider wants YOU to capture the spirit of summer in your own unique way! Whether it's a place you're visiting, an accessory or outfit you're currently digging, maybe beauty essentials you're recommending, or even an exciting activity you're up to - basically whatever inspires you to have a really good time this Summer! 

For this, I've gone for a beauty related theme to capture my spirit of summer, because as regular readers know, it's pretty much all I've been in to for the past two months! In comparison to Winter, I make such a massive effort with my appearance during Summer - although to be honest, it's more like playing catch up from being so lazy during the colder months! I am also going to upload a few videos on Instagram to capture my spirit of summer so there'll be a variety of things in there aside from beauty products! As my favourite flavour of Rekorderlig Cider is Mango-Raspberry, I've taken a few snapshots of my Summer beauty kit inspired by the colours of the flavour. We've got perfume in there to make you smell lovely, SPF products to protect your skin, make-up to give you a fresh look and cheerful nail polish shades. 

Is there anything from your wardrobe or beauty collection that goes with the colours of the new seasonal flavours from Rekorderlig? If you do, and you fancy winning yourself some exclusive Rekorderlig prizes to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, simply follow @Rekorderlig on Twitter or on Instagram. On either social media platforms, upload an image of your summer essentials or a photo that best captures the #SpiritofSummer. (And don't forget to use that very hashtag so that Rekorderlig can see your entry)

In addition to that, to celebrate the #spiritofsummer and enjoy it in a laid-back Scandi style, Rekorderlig have several events around the country in August. They will be visiting Manchester, London, Glasgow and Bournemouth. You'll be able to sample their new flavour ciders, and enjoy beautiful Swedish food. Rekorderlig knows how to put on a party so you will not be disappointed! Tickets are only £10 and you can buy them from the Billetto site. You must be 18 or over to join in with both #spiritofsummer activities.

Now, the big question is.... Which Rekorderlig Cider flavour are you going to go for this Summer? Apple-Guava, Strawberry-Lime, Mango-Raspberry or Passionfruit? 

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This post is in collaboration with Rekorderlig Cider for the purpose of their Summer campaign, #SpiritOfSummer. However, content and imagery are written and taken by me. My opinions of the brand, products and services was not effected.

Enjoy Rekorderlig Cider Responsibly

Monday, July 28, 2014

At The Weekend: Being Pineapple Dorks

Summer trend pineapple print, pineapple print outfit, ways to wear pineapple print
Summer trend pineapple print, pineapple print outfit,
miniature poodle, toy poodle, miniature poodle haircut, poodle haircut
miniature poodle, toy poodle, miniature poodle haircut, poodle haircut

My outfit: Pineapple Playsuit from Rare* / See my full Pineapple Playsuit outfit post  
Niki's Pineapple T-Shirt from Hero&Cape

Not quite my usual format when it comes to outfit post but I was at my sister's house for a barbecue over the weekend and I got a few snaps off my iphone. I also did a very short video of the day too and I have to warn you, it's not as sharp and clear as YouTube videos that you are used to! I've started using the VideofyMe app again this weekend and shot some clips off my phone and put them together in to a short 53 second video. I have tried to go for that "lo-fi" quality but between my phone and the laptop, it seems to have been compressed, making it more lo-fi than initially intended! Anyway - hope you still like it regardless of the horrendous quality! There's not a lot of my YouTube channel but I'm working on it!

So, on to the outfits! I don't think we would go out in public wearing co-ordinating outfits like this and I don't know what possessed us to do it, but wearing matching pineapple prints (and the same sunglasses) is pretty dorky, right?! It is definitely dorky! Niki wanted to wear one of his fruit print t-shirts and I thought "oh, me too! I want to wear something pineapple-y aswell!". So, I went for the ONLY pineapple print garment that I own and that's the awesome playsuit from Rare London which I blogged about last month. The playsuit fits that well that my mum and sister thought it was custom-made specifically for me! I highly recommend it if you're in to that fashion trend at the moment!

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Are you enjoying the super hot weather we're getting? I AM! ♥︎ I don't want it to end!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent | Review

estee lauder eau fraiche skinscent review, bronze goddess eau fraiche skinscent
estee lauder bronze goddess review, estee lauder bronze goddess perfume

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent, Estée Lauder (£47.00)

I first heard about Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess on beauty blogs about two years ago, and it's probably one of the few blog hype products I've bought in to. I'm not even usually a fan of Estée Lauder perfumes, I find them too "mature" for me, but the Bronze Goddess is an absolute winner. And thanks to beauty bloggers, I have fallen for it hook, line and sinker! 

I actually had my eye on this fragrance last year and wanted to buy it, but by the time I got round to it in early September, it was too late. You see, the elusive Bronze Goddess is in stores for a limited time of the year. It graces the beauty shelves only during the Summer months, so you've got to be quick because we all know how fast Summer comes and goes! 

There's a few products in this range (and I want them all!!) but for the one I've had my eye on for a while is the Eau Fraîche Skinscent fragrance spray. It is an really beautiful Summer scent, it's smells that Summery that it's feels like a the warmth of the sunshine sparkling on your skin! The scent definitely evokes memories of being on a beach holiday sipping pina colada under the palm trees... and that's a thought I always welcome! The first scent you'll pick up on this is a creamy coconut, followed by subtle sweet vanilla. It's also has bergamot, tiare flowers and amber to give it warmth. It's deliciousness is all packaged up in a minimal yet chic rectangular glass bottle in a rich golden colour. 

If you're looking for the ultimate fragrance for Summer, look no further because this is THE ONE! Mine was purchased from Duty Free so it was a little bit cheaper, but this Eau Fraîche Skinscent  is available in all department stores and retails for £47.00. 

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

LUSH Sun Care Range | Protect Your Skin

lush cosmetics sun care product, lush sunscreen
lush sunblock, lush sunblock review
lush sesame suntan lotion, lush sesame suntan lotion review
lush million dollar moisturiser, lush million dollar moisturiser review

The Sunblock, £8.95
Sesame Suntan Lotion, £8.00 for 100g

All from LUSH Cosmetics*

The Sunblock (SPF 30):
This is a SPF 30 sunscreen block in solid form which you wash over your body when you're in the shower or bath. A very innovative product, this is a very easy way to ensure your skin is protected the first thing in the morning. Simply break a third of the bar off and the buttery block melts very quickly when massaged on your body over warm water. I really love this bar, anything that makes things more convenient and I'm on it like a car bonnet! When you first this, it's a bit of a weird sensation because it might appear messy and greasy, and feel like you're literally rubbing a block of butter over your skin. Nothing to be alarmed about though. You can apply a bit of shower gel to cleanse yourself afterwards and once you're out of the shower and have dried yourself off, your skin will feel back to normal after ten minutes leaving you with smooth, moisturised skin.This sunblock contains soothing calamine powder that's naturally rich in zinc oxide. It's also packed with sesame oil, cocoa butter, chamomile blue oil and rose absolute. These ingredients nourishes, calms and soothes skin. 

Sesame Suntan (SPF 10):
I have a 100g bottle of sunscreen lotion here which smells a lot like peanut butter! This is a fairly straight forward lotion, it smells and feels nice. It holds a very strong nutty scent as it is made of toasted organic sesame oil with walnut leaf infusion, aloe vera extract and columbian cocoa butter. It's a light lotion that's easy to distribute over your body without that typical chalky feeling you get with other sunscreen. If you've applied the sunblock in the shower, the Sesame Suntan lotion gives an extra protection, it even helps you tan! The low SPF factor makes it perfect for our fairly mild British Summer. This product is available in two sizes, 100g for £8 or 250g for £15. The smaller bottle is handy size for travelling, I'll be taking this around with me for the remainder of Summer.

Million Dollar Moisturiser (SPF 30):
This is a premium face protection from LUSH and it cost £32.50 for a 45g tub which is small. Initially, I couldn't believe that the small tub cost that much, and it was filled up to the top either. For that price, I do think there's better SPF facial moisturisers out there and I've been trying a lot of them this past 6 months, but if you are a hardcore LUSH fan, you might take a fancy to the Million Dollar Moisturiser. Made from a blend of sesame oil (to refract the sunlight), sesame seeds, oatmeal, primrose oil, Shea butter, honey, ground almonds and lavender oil to keep your complexion smooth, soft and hydrated. There is also a subtle shimmery flecks of gold in the cream which adds a healthy, illuminating glow. I personally don't like to use anything shimmery all over my face but this isn't too over the top. There is a slight grubby, chalky feeling after this has dried and if you're patient, that will disappear in 15-20 minutes whilst the moisturiser is absorbing. My favourite thing about this is the scent, it smells like toffee! 

LUSH does not test any products on animals. All three products are suitable for vegetarians. Both the Sesame Suntan Lotion and Million Dollar Moisturiser contain parabens. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Follow Friday #2 | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Recommendations

My blog recommendations for this week's #FollowFriday are fashion related with a good dose of lifestyle content in there too!

What shines through is that these three lovely ladies has their way of having a good balance of style and lifestyle posts, and they do it so well! They remind me of the good old days of blogging, so when I read their blog, it reminds me of the raw authenticity I know blogging can be again. There's something really special about these three:

Cat from Take Courage Blog
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger, london lifestyle blogger

Cat's blog is stunning from her writing to her photography. It's a really inspiring and gorgeous blog that I like to revisit to again and again. Her photography resembles those from a magazine, but it's all still very relatable. Sometimes when blogs look too much like a magazine, as much as I appreciate all the effort that goes in to it, I just can't connect with it. Take Courage is unique in that it still has that distinctive blog vibe, and that's why I love it. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just has that wonderful modest old-style blogging from 'back in the day'. Cat actually hasn't blogged in a month and her last post really broke my heart, but we all need a break from blogging sometimes to clear our heads and put life in to perspective. Her blog posts are like precious gems, she pours 100% effort in to each one and I, for one, will be excited to see an new post from her pop up in my dashboard. Take a look at her archive of content, you are going to want to delve right in!

Rebecca from It's Cohen Blog
uk fashion blogger, british style blogger

I've had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for the day in London last year and she is just 100% LOVELY! I've actually been following her blog for about 3 years, maybe a little longer, and it was nice to be able to hang out with her even if it was brief. Rebecca mixes her outfit posts with photos of her surroundings like she has done here. It immerses you in to her day which keeps the post interesting. One of the first things I said to her in person (and in several comments I've left on her blog) was how much I adore her photos. Nowadays, everyone wants their photos pin sharp with a shallow depth of field, but it was actually her lo-fi photography that captured my attention. It makes me want to start using film cameras again. Photos like this reminds me of my childhood, and with the use of Instagram, we're ALL trying to create this effect. 

Katy from Little Winter
little winter, uk fashion and lifestyle blog

Katy's blog never fails to make me smile. From what she wore, to what she saw - it's another blog that has a fantastic variety of content so it's always interesting to come back to. Katy and I have a similar sense of style so I like her outfit posts lots and lots, but my favourite posts from her are interior related, she has the most beautifully decorated house and got the best taste in homeware! I also LOVE her updates on her wee little cat too, you can't go wrong with the odd pet post! oh, and another thing you simply must to do is check out her Instagram, it's sooo dreamy!!

Who's blogs have you been loving? And who are your favourite bloggers of all time? 

I will be doing another Follow Friday post next week so hope you will come back for that! x

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Image Credit: These photos do not belong to me. Each photos is an original image taken by each the blogger.